Triathlon Training Camp Report: Day 4

DZ Associate Coach & Webmaster, Mike Mahoney, at DZ Blue Ridge Endurance Triathlon Camp 2012

by Mike Mahoney

Day 4 at asheville-spring-2013/#top1″>Asheville Spring Training Camp 2013

“The Tour Rolls On”

Day four, and Carol’s leaving us, but not before we swim “The Carol Set.”

The Carol Set is a modified swim set Carol suggested to Coach Mike. It involves swimming multiple sets as follows: swim, get out of the pool, do pushups, get back in the pool, swim, get out of the pool, do situps, get back in the pool, swim… You get the idea. It’s killer.

Carol and Coach Mike did some mountain biking.There was training on day 3 prior to the crash. Carol and Coach Mike did some mountain biking, then some hill repeats. Geri and I did some trail running to warm up, followed by hill repeats and a coaching session on ascending and descending hills. Maddy had a series of loops, each involving–you guessed it–hills.

The Ox Creek ride had been going well. Geri and I started the ride from Trail’s End, while Maddy ran. Coach Mike and Carol staged a ride from the Blue Ridge Parkway, where Geri and I would link up with them, then head down Ox Creek to Weaverville for lunch, then the killer climb part of Ox Creek on the way home.

Carol and Coach Mike did some mountain biking.Geri and I had a chance to get reacquainted with our climbing gears on the way along the Blue Ridge Parkway to Ox Creek Road. It’s a legitimate ride. By the time we linked up with Carol and Coach, we were feeling the 25C degree heat and going through fluids. Carol and Coach had been riding the Parkway and become separated. Not to worry, Carol left Coach a big survival arrow next to the support vehicle to show which way she’d gone. We all linked up, did a descent briefing, and headed off down Ox Creek Road.

I’ve already covered the crash itself, so back to day four. After the Carol Set swim, Carol’s husband Rob came to Trail’s End to pick her up. She’s in for some time recovering, but we hope she’ll be back next year.

DZ athlete Maddy ripping a trail descent at tri camp 2013.There’s a converted speedway in Asheville called the Melodrome. There’s racing most evenings, and cyclists are welcome to ride during the day. It’s worthwhile to get some track experience, and circling a track gives a coach the opportunity to see the cyclist repeatedly. Maddy went along for a serious run- the inside track is for runners. I chose to stay at Trail’s End to blog and cook dinner: stuffed avocados, cedar plank salmon, mint quinoa, and home made apple pie.

Maddy’s also leaving today. No, she’s fine. She had a prior commitment and arranged to stay for just the first part of the camp. No problem! Coach dropped her off at the airport: it’s only 15 minutes from Trail’s End. Good luck Maddy! We look forward to seeing you rip that goal race!

Maddy ripping a trail descent.On the front porch this image struck me as I was taking off my running shoes. The athletes are getting a lot of training, and all the shoes tend to pile up as we try to get cleaned up, put some calories downrange, and have our gear and nutrition ready for the next training session. It kind of summarizes what triathlon training camp is all about–getting in some good training.

Tomorrow, Mount Pisgah ride.

Ride on;