What do I need?

For clinics, camps, and Big Training Days, athletes will need the following gear:

Triathlon Ontario (OAT) Membership
Triathlon Ontario, formerly OAT (Ontario Association of Triathletes) is the governing body for triathlon in Ontario. Among other things, TO provides the insurance for races, camps, clinics, and other triathlon events for member clubs, including Discomfort Zone. To participate in DZ events, you will need a TO membership. You can purchase your TO membership at triathlonontario.com ($50). If you are a DZ Multisport member, your TO membership is included.

You’ll need a bike to participate in DZ bike or spin workouts. This need not be a time trial bike- many people use a mountain bike and simply get a trainer tire for it if required. A standard road bike is ideal.

For spin workouts indoors, a stationary trainer is required. If you don’t have a trainer, you can rent one for $5 per session, with 100% of the proceeds going to RTC. (Triathlon Ontario’s Regional Training Centre at the University of Guelph.) If you are looking to purchase a trainer, we will be happy to provide advice. A trainer may be required for spring and summer workouts if the weather is exceptionally bad.

A CSA-approved bike helmet is required for all non-trainer bike workouts.

Swim gear
At a minimum, you’ll need a swimsuit and a towel for swim workouts. Pull buoys and kick boards are available at the pools; generally you will not need a pull buoy or a kickboard for open water swimming. For pool workouts, goggles are recommended.

Run gear
For indoor venues, you’ll require a clean pair of running shoes suitable for an indoor track. For outdoor runs and trail, your shoe choice is up to you. For many workouts, you’ll be running directly off the bike, so tri shorts are a good idea.

Water bottle, bike tools, towel, front wheel stand, nutrition, tri shorts, wetsuit, swim goggles, race belt. We will be practicing transitions, so bring all the gear you will use for a race.