DZ Destination Triathlon Camp Reports: Day 0

DZ Associate Coach & Webmaster, Mike Mahoney, at DZ Blue Ridge Endurance Triathlon Camp 2012

by Mike Mahoney

Day 0 at asheville-spring-2013/#top1″>Asheville Spring Training Camp 2013!

Travel, Everyone Arrives Early, And Coughlin Finally Finishes That Beer

“We’ll get an early start and drive the whole thing in a straight shot.” It’s about a twelve hour drive to Trail’s End from Guelph, which meant that Geri was at my door at 5:00 am for the trip. I’d say bright and early, but it wasn’t bright, it was dark. Unfortunately, my wife Nicole wasn’t feeling well and won’t be able to attend- bummer! On the good side, fellow athlete Geri was also making the trip from Guelph, so it was grab a quick final coffee load up the gear, and off we go: departure at 05:25.

As we get closer to Asheville, we enter the Blue Ridge Mountains.

On the way to Asheville Tri Camp!

Clear weather, minimal traffic, no border problems, and it’s interstate all the way. Geri and I make excellent time, and before long we start to see the mountains of North Carolina.

The road up to our destination, Trail's End.

Through the Forest Service gate.

With only the most minor of wrong turns, (the same wrong turn as last year, it sneaks up on you) we only lost about five minutes, and were at the Forest Service gate to Trail’s End in well under 13 hours, stops included.

Maddy helping Geri with unloading kit.

Arrival! Maddy had a run in already.

All right, we’re here! As things turned out, Trail’s end was available a day early and everyone was able to take advantage, so here we are arriving a day early and we’re still the last to get there. On the good side, that means that instead of spending tomorrow travelling, unloading, and getting settled in, we get another training day! Bonus! Maddie had already gotten a trail run in when we arrived, and generously gave Geri and I a hand with our kit.

Trail's End, home for the next week of triathlon camp.

Trail’s End, home for the next week.

Trail’s End is located right inside the Bent Creek Research and Demonstration Forest. It’s quiet and peaceful, and the only traffic is when a group of mountain bikers go by. Home for the next week.


Mexican food and unfinished business at Papas and Beer!

Everyone’s hungry, and Mike Coughlin has some unfinished business from last year’s camp: so he’s sure to suggest dinner out and local Mexican restaurant Papas and Beer. You see, last year at Papas and Beer, Mike couldn’t finish his 32oz. draught, and he hasn’t heard the end of it since.

Mike Coughlin, finally victorious over the immense 32oz. large draught.

Beer empty, and it only took a year.

Dinner done, there’s time to pick up groceries for breakfast and visit Starbuck’s for wi-fi. Back at Trail’s End, I have just enough energy for another beer with my fellow athletes. I’m looking forward to spending the week training with old friends and new friends.