Triathlon Camp: Day 6

DZ Associate Coach & Webmaster, Mike Mahoney, at DZ Blue Ridge Endurance Triathlon Camp 2012

by Mike Mahoney

Day 6 at asheville-spring-2013/#top1″>Asheville Spring Training Camp 2013!

“There Are A Lot Of Canadians Around Here!”

First, I’d like to apologize for not posting every day the way I said I would. No excuse, but the reason is that training camp turns out to be tiring. I have been faithfully taking photos every day, but going through hundreds of pictures, processing them, and posting a blog post turned out to be too much. I’m behind on the writing and posting parts. Have no fear, I have been getting caught up, and there will be a post for every day. Let’s see how fast I can get back up to speed.

Geri completes a great dive doing around the block drill during morning swim.Day 6 started with a swim. I will now confess that I did not want to swim. At all. Late night up trying to get cell data to work, tired from Pisgah yesterday, all the usual reasons. But I dragged self out of bed and made it to swim.

Geri, on the other hand, has some serious ability in the recovery department. She was up and ready to go with time to spare.

James conquers Mt. Mitchell at last year's camp.In addition to drills and distance sets, as well as some stroke adjustments per Coach Mike, the swim included a drill I hadn’t done before: “Around the Blocks.” This involves swimming a length, hauling self out of pool, running around the starting block in one’s lane, and diving back in for another length. It’s a good workout. Geri beat me.

One thing I often notice about swim is that I learn when I’m tired, and often when whatever modifications Coach Mike’s been trying to get me to do really come together when I don’t feel like swimming at all. Today was such a day. Right off the bat, the early catch I’ve been working on started to work with the breathing, rotation and body position. The result was that Coach had me practicing the changes on my own while he worked with Geri. I hope she had as good a swim as I did. Funny how the worst days at triathlon camp turn out to be the best.

James has arrived! When we returned to Trail’s end from the swim, James was already there, having made excellent time, as usual. He was in time to join us on the Assault on The Carolinas social ride, preparing for the big race tomorrow.DZ triathletes Geri, James and I with Coach Mike at AOTC 2013

The ride was fun, allowing us to find the start, pick up our race packets, and practice our cycling race skills, which are a bit different from triathlon race skills.

We’re all ready for the race tomorrow!

Ride on;