Photos from Discomfort Zone Triathlon Clinics

DZ Triathlon Clinic Photos

Here’s the gallery of photos taken at various Discomfort Zone triathlon clinics. Enjoy!

Bike skills and the cone course at DZ Spring Triathlon Clinic 2013Practicing running drills indoors at DZ Winter Triathlon Clinic 2014David crests a hill after several repeats at DZ Fall Triathlon Clinic 2013Stroke improvement drills in the red pool at DZ Winter Triathlon Clinic 2014Ruth powers along the Guelph One Triathlon course at DZ Summer Triathlon Clinic 2013

DZ Fall Triathlon Clinic 2014

Fall Clinic is time for attention to swim stroke improvement, fall running races, and base fitness training for next season.

DZ Summer II Triathlon Clinic 2014

Clinic late in the season means an emphasis on fitness-based training over skills and drills, and open water endurance swimming in the clean water of Gulliver’s Lake.

DZ Summer Triathlon Clinic 2014

Summer training means open water and outdoor cycling, plenty of room for bike skills, and endurance training on the run.

DZ Spring Triathlon Clinic 2014

It was great to start clinic with indoor pool swims and transition to open water and great weather! 2014 Spring Clinic saw lots of new faces and everyone getting in plenty of fitness and skills training.

DZ Winter Triathlon Clinic 2014

New for 2014, DZ offers a 10-week, winter indoor triathlon clinic concurrent with the University of Guelph’s Triathlon Stroke Improvement Clinic.

DZ Fall Triathlon Clinic 2013

DZ Fall Triathlon Clinic took advantage of the late-summer, early-fall weather and the clean water at Gulliver’s lake to keep athletes sharp with late-season training.

DZ Summer Triathlon Clinic 2013

Summer is the time to be outdoors training, and as you can see from these photos, that’s exactly what our DZ athletes did.

DZ Spring Triathlon Clinic 2013

Spring clinic gets off to an early start indoors and then hits the lake and the road as soon as the weather permits. A great way to get a jump on race season!

DZ Winter Triathlon Clinic 2013

It’s miserable outside, the lakes are frozen, but DZ athletes are busy training – indoors! There’s nothing like the pool and the track to ward off the winter chill.