Destination Triathlon Camp Photos

Photos from the most scenic, most challenging, and most fun triathlon training venues – That’s where you’ll find DZ destination triathlon camps!

Cycling the Blue Ridge Parkway at DZ Asheville Spring Triathlon Camp, 2013Swimming the Boulder Reservoir, The Boulder Experience triathlon camp, 2013A pause for some fun pictures at the run turnaround, The Boulder Experience triathlon camp, 2013Group hero shot at the apex of the Walnut Cove climb, DZ Asheville Spring Triathlon Camp, 2013Running Switzerland trail at over 8000 feet, The Boulder Experience triathlon camp, 2013

The Boulder Experience 2014

The boulder Experience 2014 is done, but with such a fun group of athletes and the world’s best training venue, how could we not already be planning for next year? Check out all the pictures here!

DZ Asheville Spring Training Camp 2014

DZ athletes always have a fine time training big in the mountains around Asheville, North Carolina. 2014 was no different!

The Boulder Experience 2013

Boulder, Colorado is a triathlete’s kind of town. With altitude, scenic mountain riding, trail running, and daily swims that draw triathletes in the hundreds, Boulder is an ideal location for a mid-season camp.

DZ Asheville Spring Training Camp 2013

Discomfort Zone has been going to Asheville for a decade now, and we’ll keep going back, because it’s simply the best early spring training venue.

Photos from Assault on The Carolinas

Assault on The Carolinas is a great race that sells out early every year. Never fear, DZ athletes attending our Asheville camp have reserved spots. We thought we’d include it here because it takes place during Camp.

Blue Ridge Endurance Camp 2012, Sylva, NC

Sylva, North Carolina in the fall offers what Asheville offers in the spring: the best training venue around. We’d love to run another fall camp here. Interested? Email us.

The Tail of the Dragon

Some photos from the famous Tail of the Dragon stretch of highway on the Tennessee border. 312 curves in 18 miles makes this place mecca for motorcyclists – and the occasional triathlete.