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DZ Fall Triathlon & Stroke Improvement Clinic - GuelphDiscomfort Zone Fall Triathlon Clinic
University of Guelph

Train in the off season, race faster next year!

Sundays, 9:00am – 12:30pm, September 29 – December 1, 2019
$299, special rates for Tri Ontario & DZM members

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The Off-Season: Time to Improve

An outdoor run in the fall colours at Fall Triathlon Clinic - many outdoor runs take place on the national cross-country course at the University of Guelph ArboretumThe off season is the time to recover from racing, build strength, and improve technique.

Head Coach Mike Coughlin takes techniques learned for ULTRAMAN and helps athletes of every ability level apply them to their own training. Whether you’re preparing for your first try-a-tri or your seventh IRONMAN, Discomfort Zone Fall Triathlon Clinic is the place to start.

Join us for great training, great coaching, and a lot of fun this fall!

Scott completes a trail run at Discomfort Zone Fall Triathlon Clinic 2016


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About Fall Triathlon Clinic

Pool swims can be fun and competitive at DZ Fall Triathlon ClinicFor experienced athletes, fall clinic is designed to help you get faster for next year. For beginners, fall clinic is a fun way to get into triathlon.

Fall clinic uses a back-to-basics approach to swim, bike, and run technique. Experienced triathlon coaches will provide personal technique assessment and correction to each athlete, driving improvement in all three sports.

The format is a fun Sunday morning of training with a friendly and welcoming group. Join the Discomfort Zone for a fall clinic and improve your fitness while having fun too!

Next Year’s Improvement Starts This Year

Bike workouts on the stationary trainers is so much more fun in a group at Fall Triathlon Clinic!Fall clinic is a great starting point – skills learned here will be built on in winter and spring clinics. Whether you’re preparing for your first race or looking to shave minutes, Head Coach Mike Coughlin and his team can help you meet your triathlon goals.

Athletes who improve, year-over-year, consistently, do so by building on their fitness and skill from previous years. Regular coaching and technique improvement at a Discomfort Zone Fall Triathlon Clinic are big steps toward a faster race season.

Group Training Once a Week, Every Week

Angela completes a trail run on a beautiful day in the Arboretum - Discomfort Zone Fall Triathlon Clinic 2014Sunday mornings are great for training, and our once-a-week format allows for a solid weekend workout with less travel and overhead time.

Athletes can choose to take the full clinic in all three sports, or stick with either the triathlon stroke improvement swim or the bike+run and transition sessions only.

Athletes find that the fun, social group format is great for motivation and consistent training.

Training For Everyone

Gabriela enjoys a fall trail run at Fall Triathlon Clinic 2015We’re often asked if clinic will be too intense, too long, or too hard. Athletes worry that they’ll be slowing down the group.

Don’t worry. We run fun workouts in a relaxed, inclusive atmosphere where athletes help and encourage each other. DZ athletes are some of the coolest and most supportive people you’ll meet anywhere. Besides, workouts are designed so that everyone goes at their own speed – there’s no physical way to slow down the group!

We’ve coached literally every age from 11-67 and every ability level from beginner to elite. Both beginners and accomplished IRONMAN finishers tell us that they value a varied group of athletes. It’s just fun.

We also encourage swimmers, cyclists, and runners to join in for a little cross-training. Everyone is welcome!

The Training

Amy demonstrates an 'A' running drill at Fall Triathlon Clinic 2016Fall clinic participants can expect challenging training in a fun, social group setting. Training is specific to triathlon and designed to meet the needs of beginner, age-group, and high-performance triathletes.

Workouts are run by experienced triathlon coaches who are in it for the love of the sport and take the time to work with every participant.

Fall clinic training is focused on base fitness and making technique improvements during the off season, when major changes will not adversely affect racing.

Workouts & activities you might see at DZ Fall Triathlon Clinic

Head Coach Mike Coughlin looks on as athletes complete a swim stroke assessment set at Fall Triathlon Clinic 2015

  • Swim Stroke Assessment
    One of the most important parts of fall clinic is swim stroke assessment. It’s difficult to know what your own stroke looks like. Having an experienced triathlon coach look at your stroke and provide feedback is an invaluable aid in driving improvement. The effect is even more pronounced over a series of weekly swims.

  • Swim Stroke Improvement
    Once you know what to fix, you’ll need to go about doing it. Discomfort Zone coaches have worked with all kinds of athletes, providing constant feedback to help you develop a more efficient, faster stroke.

  • 3... 2... 1... Go!  Athletes push off the wall during a kick drill set at Fall Triathlon Clinic 2016

  • Swim Drills
    Drills are an effective way to improve your swim stroke. At fall clinic, the emphasis is on creating good technique, so be prepared for plenty of drill. The nice thing about drills is that once you know them, you can practice them on your own, so we make sure to provide a good variety.

  • Swim Flexibility
    Flexibility is a great advantage in swimming. Exercises and stretches before every swim promote the flexibility to go faster while reducing the chance of injury. Even more important is forming the habit of a good dryland warmup before swim, and a good set of strength exercises after.

  • Triathlon can be a bit of a washing machine on the swim, so it's important to train like you'll race.  Here, we've had some lane ropes removed so DZ athletes can train to swim in a pack -  Fall Triathlon Clinic 2014

  • Open Water Skills
    Just because we’re in the pool doesn’t mean we have to let our open water skills get rusty! A variety of drills and exercises specific to open-water swimming, including sighting, pack swimming, and drafting, keep athletes in practice during the off-season.

  • Distance Swim Workouts
    DZ fall clinic emphasizes endurance swims at distances tailored to each athlete. With specific swim workouts designed to strengthen each component of an efficient swim stroke, coaches to provide individual guidance, as well as timed and recorded swim sets, athletes get a solid workout, stroke improvement, and an idea of how they’re doing.

  • DZ athletes participate in a functional threshold power test at DZ Stroke Improvement & Triathlon Clinic, Winter 2014

  • FTP Testing
    Functional Threshold Power (FTP) testing is a useful benchmark for some athletes. Using state-of-the-art technology and a standardized protocol, DZ coaches can get an objective measurement of an athlete’s performance on the bike.

  • Transition Skills
    Even experienced triathletes can gain time with a smooth, fast, professional transition. Though full transitions aren’t available, athletes will practice various individual transition skills to stay sharp and get faster in T1 and T2.

  • It's worthwhile to train the dismount, helmet drills, and running immediately off the bike.  Athletes at Discomfort Zone Fall Triathlon Clinic 2014 compete in a series of bike+run brick workouts

  • Bike+Run Multi-Bricks
    Besides making for fun and interesting workouts, bike+run intervals are great for fitness. Every triathlete should be training the ability to run directly off the bike. At Discomfort Zone Fall Triathlon Clinic, athletes will train away the dreaded lead-legs with a ride, transition, and run several times in one workout.

  • Bike Trainer Sets
    Though athletes generally prefer to bike outdoors, it’s actually true that in many ways, cycling on a stationary trainer is better for fitness development. Well-planned and well-coached trainer workouts allow for precise control of power, cadence, and effort for an optimum workout. DZ group trainer sessions are first and foremost great fitness workouts, but we take care to make them fun as well.

  • Participants at Fall Triathlon Clinic 2016 complete a core strength workout between run sets

  • Core Strength
    There’s no doubt that improvements to core strength create many benefits for the triathlete. At DZ Fall Triathlon Clinic, athletes benefit from a regular core strength routine that helps form a positive training habit.

  • Endurance Running
    Fall is a good time to train for running. With many fall running races, triathletes can take the time to concentrate on the run, training speed and endurance. Fall clinic provides opportunity to build endurance and agility with both indoor and outdoor track running, as well as outdoor road and trail.

  • Triathletes train a lot, so cool down and stretching are an important part of Fall Triathlon Clinic

  • Cool-Down Stretching
    Too often, athletes skip the cool-down and the stretch. Stretching can help prevent injury, especially when the triathlete is training hard and takes the time for a good cool-down. Clinic workouts provide a guided cool-down and a group stretch so athletes go home tired, but healthy.

Fall Triathlon Clinic Details

Rachel puts down some miles at Fall Triathlon Clinic 2015Our first session is at the University of Guelph Athletic Centre, meeting in the lobby for 8:30 am. Be sure to register online prior to clinic, as space is limited.

Clinic will generally start with a 9:00 am pool slot at the University’s Gold Pool and then move on to either an indoor trainer bike workout or a run.

During the clinic we’ll use various locations like running trails, indoor and outdoor track facilities, and the pools, deck, and stands. Athletes will receive a weekly email as a reminder of the workout location and equipment to bring.

You can also check out the Clinics FAQ for more information, or Contact us and we’ll be happy to answer any questions.


The University of Guelph is a great venue for Fall Triathlon Clinic, offering outdoor and indoor swim, bike, and run venuesClinic meets at the University of Guelph Athletic Centre.

Google Map to DZ University of Guelph clinic venues.

Fall triathlon clinic takes advantage of the great training venue offered at the University of Guelph. With a great competition pool, indoor and outdoor tracks, and great fall trail running, athletes can train regardless of weather.

Registered participants will receive an email prior to the start of clinic with maps, times, directions, and details about workouts, and contact info for the coaches just in case.

Equipment for Fall Triathlon Clinic

Athletes warm up with an easy run on the cross-country running course at Discomfort Zone Fall Triathlon Clinic 2016Fall clinic starts with outdoor running, so you’ll need outdoor running shoes and clothing for a wide range of fall weather.

We’ll run both outdoor and indoor track as well as road and trail – trail shoes are a good idea, and you’ll need a set of indoor shoes for the indoor track. Speed laces or bungee laces are highly recommended, especially for bike-run multi-brick workouts and transition practices.

Indoor group bikes are a great way to more and higher-quality training during the off seasonCycling is primarily indoors on stationary trainers, but we may do some outdoor bike skills early on and as weather allows. Some warm cycling gear is always a plus on cool fall days. We try to alternate weeks so that athletes don’t have to bring a bike and trainer every session.

While a road bicycle is recommended, a cyclocross, mountain, or hybrid bicycle is perfectly usable at all DZ clinics. Athletes often borrow a bicycle for the first part of clinic while they get some advice and shop for a new bike.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a stationary trainer: we can rent you one for $5. You will need a smooth rear tire for your bicycle – the trainer will damage a knobby tire. If you’re riding knobby tires, we can generally loan you a trainer tire. Normal road tires are perfectly fine on a trainer.

Triathlon swim stroke improvement at Discomfort Zone Fall Triathlon Clinic 2016Swims at fall clinic are all indoors, so all you need for the pool is swimsuit, goggles, and towel. That’s it, though you’re welcome to bring any swim aids to use in the warm-up. We always have spare sets of goggles if you forget.

Check out the Clinics Gear List for a complete list of what you’ll need. We’re happy to assist athletes who need equipment.

Sports Nutrition Supported

Discomfort Zone athletes have access to professional-level nutrition from Infinit CanadaThanks to our longtime partnership with Infinit Nutrition Canada, Discomfort Zone Fall Triathlon Clinic includes Infinit fueling and recovery products for athletes’ use during clinic training.

Athletes can try Infinit DZ CLINIC FORMULA, a professional-level sports drink formulated specifically for DZ clinic training.

For recovery, Infinit REPAIR supplies needed nutrition after a challenging clinic workout.


The pool stands are a great place for a bike trainer workout on a Sunday morning at Fall Triathlon Clinic

  • DZ Fall Triathlon Clinic

    10 Weeks
    10 Sessions (35 hours)

    Non Members: $299
    Triathlon Ontario Members: $289
    DZM Members: ​$269
    Mondays (Swim+Run) only: $167
    Thursdays (Bike+Run) only: $167
    Individual session: $40

How to Register

Steve leads the run pack for an outdoor loop at Fall Triathlon Clinic 2014It’s easy to register! Simply click the link below to register online.

We use the same online registration system as Triathlon Ontario and the Ontario Cycling Association. If you need a Triathlon Ontario membership, you can easily join or renew at the same time.

Consider joining DZ Multisport Triathlon Club: $47 includes discounts on all DZ events and team gear, newsletter, and a swag bag.

Fall Clinic Registration

More Info about Fall Triathlon Clinic

Amy during an arboretum run set at Fall Triathlon Clinic 2015For more information or questions about fall clinic, Contact us and we’ll be happy to answer any questions.

You can also find lots of answers in our Clinics FAQ.

Check out our Clinics Gear List for detailed info about equipment.

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