Personal Triathlon Coaching

The Coach

Head Coach Mike CoughlinDon’t let the trademark easygoing coaching style fool you: get out cycling on the famous Blue Ridge Parkway, and you’ll see the competitiveness that took DZ Head Coach Mike Coughlin to Kona and Ultraman.

Coach Mike is a veteran of over 80 triathlons, more trail runs and ultras than he likes to remember, and precisely one marathon. (Mount Lemmon, of course.) Coach Mike has competed at the Ironman World Championships and put in a razor-thin runner-up performance at the Ultraman World Championships in Hawaii, as well as winning the Furnace Creek 508 in the team division and winning the famous Hoodoo 500 stage race outright. He’s currently training hard for another shot at Ultraman Worlds.

Head Triathlon Coach Mike Coughlin leads a trail run at Discomfort Zone Spring Triathlon Camp 2014Coach Mike is a NCCP Certified Competition Coach and has been coaching triathlon for over 10 years, working with all triathletes from absolute beginners to Olympic development athletes. Coach Mike takes racing seriously, but also believes that triathlon is for everyone. Having experienced every level of training and racing, Coach Mike has found triathlon key to a lifelong fitness, health, and balance. His coaching style is relaxed and helpful: there’s no one more likely to quietly offer a thoughtful suggestion to help you train and race better.

Mike’s been running triathlon camps here for 9 years now, and always finds something new and unique in Asheville. Camp is not only a great way to put in a big week of coached altitude training, but also a great opportunity to get to know the Asheville area with an accomplished coach.

wp-content/uploads/2012/11/guelph-triathlon-summer-2012-Newframetest5.png”>Coach Mike coaching at Guelph Lake One Triathlon, June 2012

Coach Mike Coughlin offers a variety of personal triathlon coaching options for athletes of all skill and experience levels. Online, by phone, via skype, or in person, Coach Mike can provide athletes with the insight, knowledge and experience to train well, stay healthy, and achieve their goals.

Age-Group Triathlon Coaching

Power and GPS Data Analysis

Event-Specific Triathlon Training Programs

Personal Triathlon Training Sessions

Elite Triathlete Coaching

Junior and U23 Competition-Level Triathlon Coaching

Iron Distance Triathlon Coaching

Triathlon Coaching

Coach Mike coaching at Guelph Lake One Triathlon, June 2012Head Coach Mike Coughlin and his team of NCCP trained coaches offer a variety of personal coaching options for triathletes of all skill and experience levels. Online, by phone, via Skype, or in person, DZ coaches can provide athletes with the insight, knowledge and experience to train well, stay healthy, and achieve their triathlon goals.

DZ Coaches also provide personal training, swim stroke instruction, bike skills training, and run coaching. We often coach runners and cyclists, too!

For Beginners:

  • Coaching for Beginner Triathletes
  • First Triathlon Coaching
  • Personal Race Training & Simulations

For All Triathletes:

  • Friendly & Effective Group Training
  • Personal Training Sessions
  • Event-Specific Training Programs & Race Training Schedules
  • Professional Swim, Bike, Run, & Transition Skills
  • Triathlon-Specific Swim Stroke Improvement
  • Race Strategy, Training Strategy, & Race Selection
  • Sprint, Olympic, Long Course, & Iron-Distance Personal Coaching

For Competition and Elite Athletes:

  • Power Meter & GPS Data Analysis
  • Functional Threshold Power Testing
  • ULTRAMAN Distance Triathlon Coaching
  • Ultra-Marathon Run Coaching
  • Ultra Distance Cycling Coaching
  • Aero Bike Fit
  • Draft-Legal Triathlon Testing & Certification

About Coach Mike

I have been competing in triathlons and other endurance events since 2001 and actively coaching since 2002. I have now completed over 150 endurance sporting events including the prestigious HAWAII IRONMAN, and recently placed 2nd OVERALL at the ULTRAMAN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS in Hawaii, a 3-day, 515km stage race triathlon that attracts ultra-distance athletes from around the world.

More than results however, my personal triathlon journey has provided me with wonderful memories and valuable life lessons. I have travelled the world and trained with some of the best athletes and coaches in our sport. I am a certified Competition Coach in Triathlon through the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) here in Canada, and am currently a mentoring coach with Triathlon Canada’s Regional Training Centre in Guelph, Ontario.

I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and experience with others and helping them achieve their own personal bests. My coaching philosophy is that for each of us to develop and express our own unique character and potential through sport, we should combine an underlying balanced, active lifestyle with periodic explorations of our personal “discomfort zones” where our perceived limits lie.

I believe that relationships based on mutual respect, trust and personal responsibility create an environment where we can explore these limits to develop self-confidence, humility and a social connection with others sharing a common experience.

What does Personal Coaching with the Discomfort Zone Involve?
My personal monthly coaching involves sending you detailed, daily workouts that develop you as an athlete and target your short and long term goals.  I am also available for you to contact with questions about your training, racing, time management, mental skills, equipment selection, nutrition, and other multi-sport related topics.  My number one goal is to enhance each athlete’s personal multisport journey, through improved fitness, sport-specific knowledge, lifestyle improvement, and fun! 
I also offer one-on-one coaching which is great for technique development and other specific work that can only be done in person.  If there are a number of athletes looking for help in a specific area, I am available to conduct customized clinics upon request.
New! Customized Event-Specific Training Plans

For those athletes who don’t have the interest or budget for personal coaching, these customized event-specific training plans provide excellent value. Personally designed for each athlete and their chosen event, these plans take the guesswork out of training and keep the athlete moving towards their goals with detailed daily workouts that build fitness, skills, and specific race readiness.

Choosing a coach is a personal decision, and one that should not be taken lightly.  I like to talk with each athlete about their goals and approach to the sport before we commit to working together, and I encourage potential clients to ask lots of questions of me.   If this results in the athlete (or me) deciding that there is a better way for them to reach their goals, I do my best to connect them with the resources or people to help make that happen.
So why use a coach?  There are many reasons, and they differ from athlete to athlete.  Some athletes just want to know what to do so they don’t have to think about it.  Others have trouble holding back and over-train or get injured.  Some just need someone to be accountable to for their workouts and to be “in their corner”.  Good training partners and volunteer coaches can often provide this, but with a paid coach you can expect it.  Of course, you still need to do the work!!
Personal Coaching Program Offerings and Rates

Discomfort Zone coaches have a personal multisport coaching relationship with 10-20 athletes at any given time. We offer a variety of coaching packages to suit individual the coaching needs and budgets of our athletes. Each coaching package involves a $95 startup fee to cover initial consultations and discussions, and all rates are subject to HST.

The Standard Coaching Package: Our most popular coaching package, the Standard Coaching Package combines a tailored endurance training program by Discomfort Zone Head Coach Mike Coughlin with the contact, follow-up and feedback that defines quality personal endurance coaching. Training is delivered and tracked using the online platform (Basic Account). Support is provided through unlimited email contact. Cost is $195/month.

The Associate Coaching Package: For athletes looking for the personal touch at a more affordable price, the Associate Coaching Package provides great value. A tailored endurance training program by a Discomfort Zone Associate Coach in consultation with Head Coach Mike Coughlin is combined with the contact, follow-up and feedback that defines quality personal endurance coaching. Training is delivered and tracked using the online platform (Basic Account). Support is provided through unlimited email contact. Cost is $145/month

The Premium Coaching Package: For athletes looking for the ultimate personal endurance coaching experience, the Premium Coaching Package provides it all. Training is designed and redesigned by Discomfort Zone Head Coach Mike Coughlin to meet the ever changing needs of the dedicated athlete living in the real world, with as much contact as is necessary to meet their goals. Training is delivered and tracked using the online platform (Premium Account). Support is provided through unlimited email contact and monthly telephone or Skype calls. The Premium Coaching Package also includes power and GPS file analysis. Cost is $245/month.

The Event-Specific Coaching Package: For athletes interested in an individualized, structured and goal-oriented training plan without the regular coaching contact and price of a personal coaching relationship, our Event-Specific Coaching Package is just the thing. These stand-alone plans are prepared, delivered and paid for in advance of the training period at a cost $20/week, and may involve one or more goal events within the training period.

One-on-One Coaching: One-on-One Coaching is a great way to detect and correct specific technique issues, steepen your athletic learning curve, and explore personal limits under the watchful eye of Discomfort Zone Head Coach Mike Coughlin, all at a time and location convenient for you. One-on-One Coaching Sessions are designed to meet individual athlete needs exactly, and can be scheduled in durations of 60 minutes or more at a rate of $80 for the first 60 minutes and $1/minute thereafter, plus travel costs outside the Guelph, Ontario area. 

For more information, please contact me at [email protected]

Coach Mike
January, 2013