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Valens Triathlon Bike Course: Not So Flat

by Mike Mahoney The inaugural Subaru Triathlon Series Valens Triathlon is coming up, and seeing as it just happens to be in my usual training area, I’ve been out riding the bike course a few times. It’s a great course, but there are some nasty surprises in store if you haven’t had the opportunity to […]

by Mike Mahoney As I write this, most of North America is experiencing the coldest winter in 35 years. Certainly in southern Ontario, it’s been tough on winter running. As I’ve been running—bundled up, wading through drifts, jumping over banks left by the snowplow—it’s occurred that this isn’t such a bad thing. Sure, I’ve been […]

On Burnout

by Mike Mahoney I don’t think of myself as a highly motivated triathlete. I’m the guy who runs with the group, because if they’re doing it, I’ll do it too. When I first started working with a Coach Mike Coughlin, I was surprised to learn that more often than not, he has to hold an […]